Winter of Our Pandemic: David Collier

The latest graphic novel by Canadian Comic book artist David Collier, published by Spare Parts Press.

In his latest graphic novel, Winter of Our Pandemic, Collier presents a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the pandemic. Through a series of outdoor skating and skiing scenes, Collier explores the various ways in which the pandemic has affected our lives, both on a personal and societal level. Drawing on his own experiences and observations, Collier delves into a range of historical, philosophical, and personal stories, offering insight into the challenges and lessons of the past two years.

In his signature style, Collier brings these stories to life through a combination of comics and sketchbook drawings, capturing the mood and emotions of the times. From the fear and uncertainty of the early days of the pandemic, to the resilience and adaptability of humanity, Collier's work offers a deeply personal and moving exploration of the impact of Covid-19 on our lives. Whether you're a fan of graphic novels or simply looking for a new perspective on the pandemic, Winter of Our Pandemic is a must-read for new readers and Collier fans alike.

To order the book go Spare Parts Press website, Winter of Our Pandemic for more details.


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