New Atelic sketchbook

Recently when I was in Toronto for TCAF and picked up this new book

From Gwartzmen art supplies. I was attracted to it for two reasons, 1-the price ($5!) and the brand, Atelic, which is the same brand as my previous sketchbooks I found useful since moving to Canada.

At first I thought that paper was perhaps too textured, as tech pens need a medium surface, not so glossy the pens slips but not so rough the pen drags.

I started off just using a brush pen and other pens I had on me

I felt like it took me about 8 pages to get back into the swing of drawing in a sketchbook. Then I was able to clean out a tech pen I had and get it going. I had forgotten how nice it is to draw with a tech pen.

I was almost finished the book when I put in a mail order for 4 news books (I'm going though about a page a day) luckily they dont' take long to arrive.

I've now completed the first book and I'm offering it as a free PDF sketchbook compilation for the next five days. You can download here,

After that it will apear on my Ko-Fi page available with a donation.


Thanks for reading...

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