Now accepting international orders!

I am pleased to announce that I can now accept international orders for spare parts press!

This means that I will be able to finally offer my new comic Woodlands No.1 to readers in Australia and the UK as well as many other countries. 

When I first started looking into it, the prices were astronomically high, and my former website did not allow too much nuance in shipping options. I figured it was best just to not offer it lest I get stuck with underquoting a big order. 

I now have a new website provider that I feel more comfortable setting up shipping options and a better understanding of the costs involved. 

International shipping is still vastly expensive. here are some examples of shipping to Australia

  • Woodlands= $12.50 postage
  • Winter of our pandemic= $23.50 postage
  • Woodlands + Winter or our Pandemic= $23.50 postage


Thanks for reading...

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