Airtable as a website for selling comics?

 A few years ago I stumbled onto the web app called Airtable. I was already a heavy user of spreadsheets to organise information, but Airtable came along and offered so much more. I've played with it on an off over the years trying out a variety of applications but despite how much I liked it I never felt I found a practical reason to use it (other than it's fun). 

This year I found some new uses for it and fell in love with it all over again. It got me thinking, could I use Airtable as a place to showcase and sell comics. Better still, could I do it on their free plan?

The answer is yes and no...

I'll keep playing with it, but for now here's a proof of concept of what might be possible.

Another option would be to play around with their interface options. Which may get a more website looking page. 


Thanks for reading...

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