April Update

I have begun study for the semester again which has been taking up some mental capacity usually saved for creative pursuits. I have been buying all sorts of new pens to try out. In addition to the brush pens I have been playing with recently, I just purchased some fountain pens to try out as well. They are actually really nice to use, I was thinking I might post a review here soon. I have been itching to dig my teeth into a comic project recently I have a few little ideas but nothing is really grabbing me at the moment. I have basic ideas of what I want to do, but I'm being lazy with the writing and expecting a fully formed script to fall into my lap. I reminded myself this morning that if I want to get some writing done then I should practice writing everyday, I guess even writing this old blog post is practice in getting my thoughts down. I still find writing comics the hardest thing about making them, and not through lack of ideas, but my ideas just don't flow into comic form. BY which I mean I can't seem to structure my ideas into comics from easily, which is why in the past I have tended towards stream of consciousness, make it up as you go along writing. Anything else and I can get bored really fast. Mostly likely due to my brain being fried from watching too much TV as a kid.


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