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After creating and self publishing a few collections of my own comics in between 1998-2003 I decided to go to art school. I started a drawing zine that same year, after discovering a free photocopier. The zine was called ‘7 Pages’. It was an A4 page folder into quarters and contained 7 pages of sketchbook drawing, plus a cover. It was distributed around in local cafes for free and became quite popular, at least in the local area. It was around this time I started blogging as well. This formative period shaped most of the work I would produce over the next few years. As I went through art school and struggled to find my place, trying to somehow reconcile my love of comics and my new understanding of ‘fine art’. Although this was a frustrating process, it did eventually deepen my art practice and I was able to find a nice balance between my comic work and other experiments with mixed media and collage work. In addition to this I also developed an interest in collaborative and mail art projects, getting involved in international printmaking swaps and weekly online drawing challenges such as, and comics communities on In 2008 I moved to Canada with wife and 6 month old son, it was around this time I developed a practice of drawing two comic panels per day. This developed into an ongoing challenge and resulted in the production of enough work to make 5 new books     (See ‘This Town’, and ‘Sketchbook Comix’ 1-4)

I like to use this blog to share my work, current projects, discussions and even the occasional tutorial.

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