New name but sort of the same blog (but different)

Hello! I've gone ahead and reinvented my old blogger blog. Early last year I decommissioned this blog and moved all my activities over to my own domain ( I'm still putting all my drawing and comic work there, and it's the best place to keep up to date with my comic work. However,  I still felt like I was lacking a venue for longer pieces of writing about comics in general, therefore I renamed this blog from to

I will be using the blog for the occasional times when I feel I have something to say about comics, maybe it's an idea around the genre, or something about technology and comics, or perhaps a comics review.

I have a post all written and ready to go about the nature of digital comics, which I will post soon. If it goes well I have an idea for a follow up post. If you're still reading by this stage, please do leave a comment.


Thanks for reading...

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