Launching soon Spare Parts Press

Around this time two years ago I launched my new website spare parts press. Initially, I intended to use the site to publish my own anthology comic under the name of spare parts. Spare Parts would be a publication that collected my ongoing comics. I released the title under that name, and as I was working on the second, with most of the content written and about a 1/4 of it drawn. Then the pandemic hit.

Perhaps this shouldn't have interfered with the production of the book, but in fact, it interfered with all aspects of everyone's life. For me, it was that I wanted to work on something to take my mind off the day-to-day covid reality. That distraction was a new all-ages full-color comic called Bored in Space. I began work on my Bored in Space project earnestly. I put the Spare Parts comic idea on the back burner, partly because of the above and partly because it was print-focused and I had no idea when I could even visit a printer to discuss the job. 

Then a few months ago, I started thinking about digital publishing options. I've spent some time experimenting with this in the past and the idea of publishing ebooks of my work came back to me with full force. This then led me down another rabbit hole, but a good one nonetheless. I started to think, what if I published other comic artists' work in the same vein. The more I thought about it the more it made sense. I started reaching out to some artists I know who make idiosyncratic autobiographical work to gauge interest. To my delight, I received a positive response from the artists I contacted. 

So now two years later, Spare Parts Press will be relaunched as a publisher/producer/distributor of digital ebooks! I'll have more information about this new project soon. 


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