Maybe it's nostalgia

I've been doing some web development work lately, launching a new online store and also an author website. This all made me appreciate the days of blogging here. I've never really let this blog go, due to how many years it served me so well. 

Periodically on Twitter, someone will reminisce about the days of Blogger or Livejournal. I think the thing that we miss is the feeling of community. Like-minded people would gather around each other's campfire to share and enjoy each other's stories. They were truly social places. Then other social media came along like Facebook Twitter Instagram and made it somewhat easier to post and find the things that you liked. However, I think these platforms were in such a race to the bottom, they sucked the actual fun part out of their platforms. Now instead of preferencing connection, the apps promote us to focus on vanity metrics.

I've said previously on here, that old technology gets appreciated for its faults. Now, this blog is two years away from being 20, I'm now appreciating it for how simple it is. 


Thanks for reading...

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