Peptober day 2: Ask Them Anything

Restarting blogging has been going well. There are a few reasons I've started doing it.

It's a good practice but the devil of doubt starts to creep in. Do I have enough interesting content for daily posts? Is the content is too disconnected from my art practice; it's about it, but it doesn't always include new artwork.

I decided to attempt Andy J. Pizza's Peptober challenge as it would be a good way to come up with daily blog posting. For day three its ask them anything (ATA), asking your audience a question. Here are a few questions (feel free to answer on or all through the comments on this post or privately via my contact page.)

  1. What do you think about the daily posting so far?
  2. What sort of content do you like reading here (making comics, behind the scenes, how-to’s, straight up new work, announcements, all of the above)?
  3. and the following on...What would you like to see more of here?
  4. How do you read this blog (through an RSS feed, some other alert, visiting the actual blog)?
The reason I ask these questions is that my stats show a decent amount f readers but I have little idea of who they are. 


Thanks for reading...

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