Raw Feels By Leonie Brialey

Raw Feels digital edition has officially launched! Last year I reached out to Leonie to collaborate on a digital version of her 2016 book Raw Feels, as her work perfectly fits the genre and style of work I was looking out to publish. Not only that it fit in terms of giving a wider audience to something that initially had a small press /print run.

To my delight Leonie agreed to work with me and the project was born. The funny thing was is that I didn't realise the size of the book. I assumed it was around 40-50 pages, maybe 70 at most. Leonie was quick to point out the book was over 250 pages long! Up until this point I had been working with smaller titles of around 30 pages. I also had a strict 20mb file size lin placed on my by the distributor. I had no idea how I was going to make this work.

After some file tweaks and workarounds, I was able to put together a 250-page ebook under 20 mb. It was a miracle seeing how I had been struggling to get files under 20 mb for books 1/8 of the size. As it turned out it was the simple line work, use of negative space and B&W artwork that allowed the file size to come in under the limit.

Here are what some people are saying about her book.

"I don't know how [Leonie] made such a profound beautiful book. Such simple little drawings. So effortless, like a soul that forgot to complicate things. And weaving hands and lines and waves and tears and so much sadness and humor. How can that book about sadness and depression and loneliness be so funny? My god, it's my favorite book, I just don't know how you land so lightly, but touch all the important parts. Thank you so much for this magnificent book."

-Tom Hart

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